CFA challenges CSU Chancellor Executive Orders regarding General Education, remediation

CFA is demanding that CSU management “meet-and-confer” over two Executives Orders issued by the Chancellor over the summer that make big changes in student general education and in remediation requirements.

The union noted in a message to faculty last week that these changes “directly impact the faculty and our working conditions.” The current collective bargaining agreement requires CSU management to hold talks with the union over the terms of such changes.

CFA President Jennifer Eagan explained in the message, “Both of these orders represent overreach by CSU management and a blatant disregard of shared governance. CFA was not noticed of the changes as the collective bargaining unit of the faculty, nor was the Academic Senate consulted in a comprehensive manner.”

Specifically, Executive Order 1100 would cap GE credits available for students at 48 units maximum, and would mandate that certain GE areas be no more than three units.

Executive Order 1110 would eliminate placement tests and remedial English and Math courses in the CSU. According to EO 1110, implementation would begin in Fall 2018.  

Eagan wrote, “Changes to curriculum and programs by administrative fiat are completely unacceptable. Faculty remain responsible for curriculum, programs, pedagogy, and academic standards through shared governance, and the union is responsible for protecting faculty’s rights and working conditions.”