CFA Chapter Activists Meet for Training, Gear up for Bargaining Campaign

Last week, well over 100 CFA member leaders met – face to face and virtually – for training on faculty rights, contract enforcement, and the bargaining process. Special training events like these prepare members to fight for our rights and are an important part of capacity building, especially in the lead up to our upcoming contract negotiations.

On Wednesday evening, a special webinar for chapter leaders focused on preparing the chapters for bargaining and what to expect in the coming months. The platform enabled members from all 23 CSU campuses to come together without getting in a car or plane, and allowed some of the more seasoned leaders from around the state to share their knowledge and experience. The webinar and subsequent Q&A session covered topics including the relevant state laws, best practices for chapter outreach, building membership, and the importance of the bargaining survey as the first step towards successful bargaining.

Sharon Elise, CFA Associate Vice President for Racial and Social Justice, who was a presenter in the webinar, reflected, “The webinar experience was a great opportunity to work collaboratively on a new tool for organizing with members. I was inspired by the participation by members from around the entire state. Judging by the attendance and lively Q and A session, this was well received.”  

Another successful educational opportunity for members with Faculty Rights Advocates from nearly all CSU campuses – including Field and Representation staff – convened in person in Sacramento last Friday. The group focused on contract enforcement including grievances and discipline appeals. 

Summing up her experience, Marlyn Jones, Faculty Rights Chair at CSU Sacramento said, “I really enjoyed meeting faculty rights advocates from around the state and I learned some important new strategies that will help me when I represent my colleagues with their workplace problems.”

During the meeting, members shared tips and practices for faculty who are investigated and/or facing discipline for harassment and discrimination. Advocates also received training on how to discover and fight for violations of the preference for work order for lecturers. An important takeaway from the meeting for participants was training on how to form and maintain effective faculty rights committees.

Faculty who are interested in joining in these efforts are strongly encouraged to contact their Campus CFA Chapter.