CFA Chapters kick off election season with Political Action Week

CFA chapters throughout the state are kicking off the 2018 academic term with a week of activities to encourage faculty participation in helping elect pro-union, pro-public higher education candidates.

From phone banking to hall walking, CFA members hope to focus excitement about this year’s high stakes election on getting CFA-endorsed candidates elected. Click here to connect with your chapter and to learn more.

At Cal State Long Beach, for example, faculty will be tabling from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm between F02 and F03, and recruiting colleagues to precinct walk in support of a ballot measure that would protect hotel workers from harassment and abuse. In Fresno, CFA leaders will be passing out information about CFA’s endorsed candidates and activism opportunities from 11 am to 1 pm in the Free Speech Area.

“It might seem early, but if we are going to ensure our elected leaders and the laws they pass have the best interests of working families at heart and are committed to anti-racism and social justice values, we need to start working for the right candidates and issues now,” said Lillian Taiz, chair of CFA’s Political Action & Legislation Committee.

Do you or a colleague want to get involved in making a difference this election season? Click here to get involved.