CFA Chapters Mobilize: 23 Legislators Urge Chancellor White to Invest in Faculty

California lawmakers are sending strong letters to Chancellor Timothy White urging him to invest in faculty and quality instruction for students.

The latest of the 23 to write are Assemblymember Cheryl Brown (San Bernardino), Jim Frazier (Oakley), Assemblymembers Bill Dodd (Napa), Cristina Garcia (Bell Gardens), Mike Gatto (Glendale), Freddie Rodriguez (Pomona), and Jim Wood (Sonoma) along with Senator Richard Pan (Sacramento).

Campus CFA Chapter leaders have played a big role in reaching out.

David Bradfield and Cyndi Villanueva (CSU Dominguez Hills) met with Garcia. David reported, “Assemblymember Garcia spoke about how she knew that community college professors are better paid than CSU professors.”

Art Sutton and Paivi Hoikkala, (Cal Poly Pomona), met with Gatto who wrote to the chancellor, “Frankly, the current situation is no way to treat some of the most highly educated people in our state, who work so hard to educate others.”

Senator Richard Pan, formerly a UC Davis faculty, said CSU faculty deserve support from the CSU administration “including salaries that value their central role to the university.”

The legislators’ letters call on CSU executives to prioritize classroom funding to best serve students in California.

Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León wrote in his letter, “Without quality faculty, students cannot succeed.”

California Assembly Speaker-designee Anthony Rendon wrote that the 2% offered by CSU management is “not enough” and, “The CSU must do better.”

Michael Camann and Guy Aronoff (Humboldt State) met with Wood, after which he wrote to Chancellor White, “Over the last decade the administration of the California State University has failed to adequately fund its core mission – teaching students.”

Awareness is growing among California’s lawmakers that the CSU needs to refocus its funding to ensure that students are best served, and the faculty is fairly paid.

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