CFA chapters say: ‘Stick with the Union to wield Faculty Power’

CFA members turned out on campuses Monday and Tuesday, wearing red, sporting stickers, and chatting up colleagues to express a simple concept—union power is faculty power. They greeted faculty colleagues and modeled solidarity.

Meantime, the U.S. Supreme Court began hearings in a case against public employee unions brought by wealthy—and class-conscious—extreme right-wing forces who realize that unions generate power for working people. That power shows up in contract negotiations at work and in advocacy for public policy that promotes the middle class, protects the vulnerable, and generally reduces income inequality—and these right-wing forces don’t like it.

Interestingly, unions and worker advocates are not the only ones who understand that.

The Sacramento Bee Editorial Board, which is not always sympathetic to public employee unions, wrote Monday, “The case at hand, Janus v. AFSCME, is a classic example of an ideological pet peeve posing as a public policy problem. Its backers are a network of conservative billionaires and their foundations whose views have been artificially amplified.”

CFA-affiliated unions including the American Association of University Professors, SEIU and NEA rallied for faculty’s and other public employee’s rights outside SCOTUS’s building in Washington DC.

On Monday at Cal State L.A., CFA and CSU Employees Union members tabled and walked the halls of campus buildings, greeting people, distributing union-red stickers, and taking selfies with their hashtag #ImWithCFA. The same happened on many other of the CSU campuses.

This Thursday, Humboldt State CFA Chapter will launch “Union Thursdays” when faculty will wear red, and “What’s at Stake?” buttons to symbolize that Union Power is Faculty Power.

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