CFA Co-Sponsors Legislation to Repeal Proposition 209

A coalition of labor and social justice organizations are working to repeal Proposition 209 that would allow consideration of race and gender in hiring, awarding contracts, college admissions, and policymaking.

CFA is a co-sponsor of Assembly Constitutional Amendment 5 (ACA 5), also called the California Act for Economic Prosperity.

In CFA’s letter of support, chair of CFA’s Political Action and Legislative Committee Jennifer Eagan wrote, “… Proposition 209 has had a devastating impact on minority equal opportunity and access to California’s publicly funded institutions of higher education.  This violates the spirit of the California Master Plan for Higher Education by making it more difficult for many students to obtain an affordable and accessible high quality public education.”

Because Proposition 209 bans fair opportunity policies in California similar to affirmative action, too many hardworking Californians are not sharing in our state’s prosperity – particularly women, Black, Latino, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, and Indigenous families and low-wage workers. The vast majority of states (42) allow for consideration of race and gender to prevent the systematic discrimination against people of color, indigenous people, and women.

With the state Assembly beginning some hearings Monday, the CFA-sponsored ACA 5 (Weber) passed out of the Public Employment & Retirement Committee on a 6 to 1 vote on Tuesday and now faces a two-thirds vote in the Assembly and Senate before June to qualify for the November 3, 2020, ballot.

Former CFA member and Assemblymember Dr. Shirley Weber is the author of ACA 5 and is leading the repeal effort with the California Legislative Black Caucus. Weber said Proposition 209 has perpetuated a wage gap where women make 80 cents on every dollar made by men, and has allowed discriminatory hiring and contracting processes to continue unhindered.

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