CFA congratulates new Faculty Trustee Romey Sabalius

CFA congratulates the new faculty appointee to the CSU Board of Trustees—Romey Sabalius, a professor of World Languages and Literatures at San José State.

He has served as a CFA leader on the San José CFA Chapter executive board along with Chapter President Rudy Preston, who said in a statement shared with CFA members:

“He is a person who can speak his mind clearly for what he believes is fair and just, and at the same time he is able to listen and consider what others have to say. I believe he will be a good advocate for our People’s University, to ensure the faculty can make education succeed, and to help our students create a better life for themselves.”

The faculty Trustee is appointed to a two-year term by the governor who chooses among nominees proposed by the CSU’s statewide Academic Senate. Click here to see the governor’s announcement.

PHOTO: Romey Sabalius (left) and Preston Rudy at a meeting of the San José CFA Chapter executive board after the “Fight for Five.”