CFA continues the work to fix lecturer range elevation

While the Tentative Agreement over faculty pay has been ratified by both CFA and CSU management, CFA leaders are continuing work to improve lecturer range elevation eligibility.

In the newly ratified agreement, we agreed to form a working group to study the eligibility problem lecturers face in the range elevation process.

Range Elevation is the upward movement from Lecture Ranges A through D. See Article 12.16 et seq. for more information about Range Elevation.

Presently, lecturers must be at the “SSI max” (Service Salary Increase maximum) in their salary range to apply for an elevation. However, after years of no SSIs for faculty, reaching the maximum is difficult, if not impossible.

As Jonathan Karpf, CFA Associate Vice President of Lecturers North, told CSU Trustees during their meeting last week, “The lack of SSIs since 2007-2008 has hurt all Unit 3 members, and their absence for so long has led to the widespread salary inversions of both tenure-line and lecturer faculty that severely undermines faculty morale. But their absence has doubly hurt the 60% of the faculty by headcount who are lecturers, because it has led to all of us being trapped in the same salary scale we were in 10 years ago.”

If the working group, which includes CFA lecturer leaders, fails to agree to a resolution, the parties will submit the matter to binding arbitration.

“This arbitration clause ensures that we will find a solution for implementation in the 2017-2018 academic year,” said CFA President Jennifer Eagan.

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