CFA, CSU Trustees call for $101 million more in CSU funding

CFA applauded the State Assembly Tuesday for  adding $101 million more in funding to its plan for California’s 2016-17 State Budget.

Assembly Budget Subcommittee #2 on Education Finance approved the additional funding along with trailer bill language to specify how the additional funding is to be spent. The subcommittee included budget control language to mandate the CSU enroll an additional 10,700 students as well as earmarking $25 million in ongoing funding to create the CSU Summer School/Graduation Rate Improvement Program.

With that funding added to the Assembly plan, it becomes a topic of negotiation when the budget process moves to Conference Committee in June. In that committee, the Senate and Assembly will take up areas of their respective budget plans that differ.

The Senate adopted a plan last week that does not include the extra funding. In his “May Revise” for the budget, the governor added $25 million in one-time funding.

“The CSU needs an increase in permanent and recurring funding,” says CFA President Jennifer Eagan. “We don’t have one-time students. Students recur. There are more of them every year. And that’s a good thing. California badly needs more people with college degrees. But, we need to restore ongoing funding to the system to be able to serve them all.”

Learn more in the State Budget area of the CFA web site.