The California Faculty Association is pleased to announce its endorsement of Assemblymember Susan Eggman in her bid to represent California’s 5th Senate District, which Cathleen Galgiani currently represents. Prior to winning election to the State Assembly, Eggman had served as a fulltime Associate Professor of Social Work at CSU Sacramento and has been a dues-paying member of CFA since 2001. She is also one of several CFA members our union has previously endorsed. CFA joins Governor Gavin Newsom, SEIU California, Equality California and a number of local elected officials, including Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs, in backing Eggman.

Jennifer Eagan, Chair of CFA’s Political Action and Legislative Committee, described how this was not the first time that Assemblymember Eggman’s unique background compelled the union to back her in a political race: “CFA proudly supported Susan during her Assembly run, and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to do the same as she seeks a Senate seat. Beyond her qualifications, CFA stands resolutely with Susan against her opponent, who has shamelessly employed anti-LGBTQ tactics during the campaign.”

Equality California and the California Democratic Party’s LGBT Caucus are calling on Democrats who have endorsed her opponent – Mani Grewal – to rescind their endorsements after his campaign published and promoted a “homophobic” Facebook advertisement and continues to make false statements with the goal of promoting anti-LGBTQ bias.

CFA members can find out more about Susan Eggman and her Senate campaign by following this link.

CFA’s endorsement of Susan Eggman is the first of many such announcements to come in the next several weeks, as the 2020 election cycle begins to ramp up. The endorsement program is characteristically organic and starts with Campus Political Action and Legislation Committees interviewing candidates. Upon completion of these interviews, recommendations are sent to the State Political Action and Legislative Committee, which in turn delivers its recommendations to the CFA Board of Directors for a final decision. In fact, during our 90th Assembly this weekend, CFA leaders are expected to act on several political races.

“Our endorsement program is a key part of our political and legislative efforts,” said CFA President Charles Toombs. “The reality is that in order to achieve our goals, whether we’re talking about collective bargaining, anti-racism or social justice issues, we need people in office who not only share our values but are also committed to promoting them through bold leadership.”

CFA plans to have all its endorsements completed well in advance of California’s March 3, 2020 primary election.