CFA Faculty meetings coming to your campus this term

CSU faculty who have been here awhile are well aware that the Faculty Voice is heard best when we build the power to make sure we are heard.

And those who are newly arrived at the CSU may have seen how faculty voices can be silenced at the other places where they have taught and studied.

This fall, CFA Chapters on each campus will hold Faculty Meetings to explore how all of us, working together, help CFA build power to win for our colleagues, our students, and our system.

CFA President Jennifer Eagan says, “It is time for us to come together, learn about the issues, and build power for our next contract negotiations. Our first priority is getting pro-higher education candidates elected so the CSU has the funding it needs to enable us to provide quality education for our students.”

Dates for CFA Faculty meetings scheduled so far include:\

  • Dominguez Hills: Weds, Oct 31 at 11:30 am-1 pm or 1-2:30 pm, place TBA
  • Fresno: Wed, Oct 10 at 11 am-Noon or Noon-1 pm, both in the Vintage Room on campus
  • Los Angeles: Mon, Oct 29 at 11 am-Noon or Tue, Oct 30 at Noon-1 pm, place TBA
  • Maritime: Mon, Oct 25 at 11am –Noon, place TBA
  • Monterey Bay: Mon, Oct 15 at Noon, place TBA
  • San Francisco: Wed, Oct 24 from 12:30-2 pm, place TBA
  • Stanislaus: Mon, Oct 15 at 11 am-Noon or Noon-1 pm, at the Pizza Factory (across from campus)

Watch CFA Headlines in the coming weeks for more details and dates at your campus. Also, watch for email from your campus CFA Chapter or check out your campus CFA Chapter web page to learn more.