CFA goes to The Capitol; faculty lobby for CSU funding, key legislation

APRIL 2017—CFA Lobby Day at the State Capitol on Wednesday was an empowering experience for the 170 faculty and students who rallied, talked with news media, and most important, met with State Assemblymembers and Senators about the California State University.

They made the case for key CFA-sponsored bills and for more state funding for public higher education, even as the CSU Trustees and its managers prepare to raise student tuition by 5 percent.

Over breakfast at CFA Headquarters, before the campus delegations set out, State Senator Ben Allen told them it is a smart idea to come to Sacramento. Given the thousands of bills floated at the legislature this year, he said, “If you are not there, your issues don’t get prioritized.”

Allen, who praised CFA for promoting AB 21 to help protect immigrant students, said of the need for robust funding for the CSU. “I can’t agree with you more.” Referring to the governor’s plan to provide less than the amount requested for the coming year by the CSU Trustees, he said, “I am going to be advocating to increase that amount.”

PHOTO: The Long Beach delegation of faculty and students prepared to meet with legislators on Wednesday. Three students from Long Beach Students for Quality Education joined faculty members Doug Foraste (left) and Alfredo Carlos (right).

PHOTO: CFA faculty and student lobbyists marched at The State Capitol grounds, chanting for support for the CSU. They gathered to display banners and signs on the East Capitol steps before heading inside to meet with legislators.