CFA helps Lecturers respond to unemployment “overpayment” claims, obtain reversals

CFA Lecturer leaders and advocates have successfully helped Lecturers at several CSU campuses contest unemployment audits, and in some instances, avoid significant “overpayment” claims.

Lecturers have reported being audited by the Employment Development Department (EDD) for unemployment claims received during times when they were not teaching, such as summer. 

This week, we learned of two cases in which Lecturers helped other Lecturers successfully challenge the assertions, including two withdrawals of demands for repayment. At Cal State East Bay, a $2,000 unemployment “overpayment” claim was withdrawn, and at Cal Poly SLO, a $6,000 demand for “overpayment” was dismissed. 

Click here for more information on these kinds of audits, which was published on March 20 in Headlines.

Lecturers, please help spread the word that we can help when our colleagues are facing these kinds of audits. If you have questions or have been contacted by EDD, please contact your local CFA chapter today. 

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