CFA to join Oakland teachers’ picket lines; on strike Thursday

Led by the East Bay CFA Chapter, CFA members are preparing to support the Oakland Education Association, who are the latest K-12 teachers about to strike.

A national wave of teacher strikes, most recently in Los Angeles and Denver, highlight that teachers are fed up with low pay and under-resourced schools as they try to educate America’s future.

East Bay CFA Chapter President Nick Baham wrote to faculty on his campus, “These fellow educators, who work hard for little pay to help prepare Oakland Unified School District students to come to our university classrooms, are fighting for economic and educational justice in ways that matter not just for them, their students, and their families, but for us as well. Their wins are our wins!”

The refrain from the Oakland Unified School District’s management is familiar to CFA members—they have no money for the class room, no matter the dollars received. In “Remedying Educational Malpractice,” the teachers union shows the money is there. It’s a matter of priorities in how it’s spent. (See pages 104+ of the study.)

OEA concludes: “OUSD has a budget credibility problem.”

All CFA members are invited to join the East Bay CFA chapter en masse on the picket line outside Sankofa Academy in North Oakland at 581-61st Street this Thursday and Friday, 7-10 am and 2-4 pm. More info here. Don’t forget to wear CFA gear or red.