CFA joins in national ‘Fight for 15’ Action

CFA members and staff were among the thousands across the nation Tuesday who took to the streets for fair pay and the right to unionize, particularly in fast-food and low-wage industries.

In an advance message, SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry addressed the election outcome and said, “We want to stand together and make it crystal clear that we’re not going to tolerate our brothers and sisters being scapegoated or targeted by hate.”

The ‘Fight for 15’, which organized many of the protests, focused on early morning McDonald’s locations including in San Diego, downtown Los Angeles, and East Oakland. At both locations it was dark just before dawn when hundreds marched to rally around a contingent of protesters who, in acts of civil disobedience, sat in the streets.

In Oakland, CFA staffers were among the 26 who sat down, surrounded by a crowd with banners and flags that declared “We Won’t Back Down!” “Rise Up!” and “Justice Can’t Wait.” The marchers chanted “Hold the burgers, hold the fries, make our wages super-sized.”

In San Diego, CFA members and San Diego State students boarded a student-organized bus headed for downtown where they participated in a rally and march.

Reports have appeared about marches, rallies, strikes, and civil disobedience protests in Manhattan, Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Denver, Miami, Boston, Cambridge, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Memphis, Atlanta, St. Louis, and other cities and towns. Reuters reported “Scores arrested in first ‘Fight for $15′ protest since Trump win.”

Some airport workers walked off the job around the country including at Los Angeles International and Chicago O’Hare where there are non-union private contractors paying workers minimum wage. Uber drivers also reportedly joined protests in many cities.

PHOTO: CFA Student Intern Coordinator Rose Mendelsohn and CFA Organizing Director Larry Hendel (sitting in foreground) outside a McDonald’s in East Oakland during a Fight for 15 protest on Tuesday.