CFA joins other unions on May Day to show support for immigrant workers in the U.S.

Campus CFA contingents joined tens of thousands at May Day marches up and down California on Monday, many of them organized by union labor councils.

The protests showed support for immigrants in the U.S. and expressed disagreement with new policies being imposed by the Trump administration.

California Labor Federation Executive Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski speaking in advance, said the day would be a “display of solidarity with the immigrant workers who are vital to our state’s economy and communities. We’re sending a clear message to the Trump Administration and GOP Congress that attacks on immigrant communities won’t be tolerated in California.”


CFA chapters at Cal State LA, Northridge, and Dominguez Hills joined the march in downtown Los Angeles, organized by the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor. Musician Tom Morello told the Los Angeles May Day rally that he is a bad hombre and “proud to be a union man” before launching into Woody Guthrie’s American anthem, “This Land Is Your Land.”

CFA chapters marched elsewhere in Southern California, too. The Fullerton CFA Chapter joined in the Orange County Labor May Day March and the Long Beach CFA Chapter marched with other unions in Long Beach, including CTA, and the Long Beach City College Faculty Association, as well as many community groups.

The Bakersfield CFA Chapter helped to organize the local a “May Day March & Rally.” The faculty contingent carried a CFA banner in the march of about 600 through downtown Bakersfield. Gonzalo Santos (Sociology), a CFA member at CSU Bakersfield who was a rally speaker, told the Bakersfield Californian, “We are part of the solution, not part of the problem in this divided country. We are fed up when they detain us and harass us.”

In Northern California, the Chico CFA Chapter organized a campus “Labor Fair” to mark May Day. In addition to CFA, there were the California Teachers Association, CSU Employees Union, Academic Professional of California, SEIU Local 2015, the Butte Glen Labor Council, the Chico Unified Teachers Association, and Students for Quality Education.

The East Bay CFA Chapter marched in downtown Oakland, the San Jose CFA Chapter marched in San Jose, and the Monterey Bay CFA Chapter (in Photo above) marched in Seaside, CA, which ended in a rally at Seaside City Hall.

A contingent of San Francisco CFA members and students with Students for Quality Education participated in the downtown San Francisco May Day march and a rally outside the Immigration & Customs Enforcement office. The rally was in support of a civil disobedience action by a group of protesters who blocked ICE vans at the site that are used to detain immigrants. SF CFA Chapter members also participated in a subsequent action in SF later in the day.

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