CFA Leaders Highlight Members’ Work at CSU Board of Trustees Meeting

The March CSU Board of Trustees meeting was a scaled down affair due to coronavirus shelter-in-place directives. 

For the first time ever, Trustees held their meeting via Zoom video conference (photo).  They also heard public comment Tuesday via telephone.

CFA President Charles Toombs and Vice President Kevin Wehr spoke to acknowledge our members’ work in maintaining learning, and voicing faculty, student, and staff stress and anxiety.

“I would like you to know how hard our Unit 3 members are working to provide instruction, counseling, coaching and library services to our students in a virtual modality.  Many of them have only worked face-to-face with students. And with little preparation time, in most cases only a few days, they have risen to the challenge in these extraordinary circumstances to do what they always do: deliver a quality education,” Toombs said. “They are using their professional expertise and professional judgement in making the transition to virtual modalities as seamless for our students as possible.  I hope you will join me to applaud and praise their work.”

Wehr reminded Trustees to keep students at the forefront of decision making.

“In difficult times it is important for us to recognize why we are all here: our students. I want to encourage the Trustees and managers to recognize the outstanding work our faculty have put in — and continue to put in — for our students, and I want you all to further recognize the amazing resiliency of our students as they adjust to these new conditions.  Please remember that just as faculty need support, our students need accommodation, flexibility, and care during these difficult times.”

You can read Toombs’ and Wehr’s full comments here.

Students for Quality Education also advocated for students at the meeting. Chico State University sociology junior Melys Jerez reiterated some of SQE’s demands on behalf of students, including: refunding student fees for cancelled services, such as lab fees, gym fees, extra activities fees, parking permits, and housing fees; where refunds are not possible, resources for cancelled events and services, should be reallocated to supply campus food pantries, medical facilities, and student emergency funds; holding each campus responsible for finding housing for displaced students during isolations; and including student voices and input during the decision making process in situations of emergency and crisis. 

Also at the meeting, Trustees reported on news that Chancellor Timothy P. White is delaying his scheduled retirement to the end of 2020 to help guide the CSU through the current public health crisis.  Board President Adam Day announced that the search to replace White will be paused until the fall.  Other executive managers delaying retirement are Cal State East Bay President Leroy M. Morishita and Cal State Northridge President Dianne F. Harrison.  Searches for their replacements are also on temporary hold.