CFA letter: Gov. Brown! Sign AB 21
Help to protect undocumented students, faculty, staff

This week, CFA sent a letter calling on Gov. Brown to sign into law AB 21, a CFA-sponsored bill to expand safeguards for undocumented students, faculty, and staff in California’s public universities.

“California leaders, unlike their federal counter parts, have made a clear commitment to protect undocumented immigrants and in particular undocumented students,” wrote Lillian Taiz, CFA Political Action and Legislation Committee Chair.

She wrote, “Many undocumented students were brought to this country, and to California, at a young age and only know this state as their home. Bills like AB 21 reflect the values of California—if immigrants come to this country and work hard, they too can reach the American dream.”

Specifically, AB 21: “Access to Higher Education for Every Student” would require the CSU and state community colleges to extend protections and resources to undocumented students, faculty, and staff, and ensures that students with DACA status have access to financial aid, legal representation, and their constitutional right to due process. The bill requests the same of the University of California. The governor has until October 15 to sign the bill.

AB 21 is supported by the CSU, UC, California Community Colleges, Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities, and many more.

PHOTO: CSU Students and faculty including CFA President Jennifer Eagan, CFA Secretary Kevin Wehr, and CFA Treasurer Susan Green joined Assemblymember Ash Kalra in support of AB 21: Access to Higher Education for Every Student.