CFA lobbies for CSU funding, legislation

More than 100 faculty, staff and students gathered at the State Capitol for CFA Lobby Days April 1-2 to advocate for the funding the CSU needs and for two bills that would protect students in our public university.

The faculty-student-staff lobbyists were greeted by former faculty members who are now Assemblymembers Shirley Weber (San Diego State) and Raul Bocanegra (CSU Northridge).

They educated legislators on two bills to address problems that could profoundly affect our students.

AB 2153 would stop the process of moving classes necessary to complete college degrees out of the regular state-funded side of our university and into the high-student-fee, lower-faculty-pay continuing education side, effectively privatizing those classes. The bill would stop this practice known as “supplanting.”

SB 1325 would define and limit how information about students collected when they take a class online is collected and used. This is a growing challenge with potential for abuses of this personal information.