CFA Lobby Day to press for more CSU funding

Faculty will be at the State Capitol for CFA Lobby Day Tuesday to argue for better CSU funding than the governor proposed in the state’s 2015/16 budget.

The faculty-lobbyists will explain why the CSU needs about $100 million more than is proposed to keep moving out of the deep hole created by cuts of about $1 billion over eight years.

Students will join the faculty on the visits to speak out on fees and tuition.

The faculty delegations also will make the case for the “No Supplanting” bill AB 716 that is authored by Assembly Member Evan Low (D-Cupertino).

An audit of extended education programs found that stronger rules are needed to prevent classes students must take to get degrees from being moved into the for-profit, high-priced extended ed side of the CSU.

“Supplanting” of regular classes creates a two-tier education system in which students with more money can complete degrees faster than those whose resources limit them to regular state-funded classes, which are not being offered in large enough numbers.