CFA Maritime Wins Strong MOU for Face-to-Face Classes in June; First CSU to Return to In-Person Instruction, Program Delivery

CFA faculty at CSU Maritime had to declare “No contract, No work,” in order to bring management to the bargaining table, but last week they won the first successful return to face-to-face instruction in the COVID-19 era, providing a model for other campus negotiations for the 2020-21 school year.

Chapter President Steven Runyon and Faculty Rights Chair Julie Chisholm successfully negotiated two very important agreements with management, with substantial organizing and informational assistance from affected faculty and their CFA representation staff and field representative.  Members, like Chapter President Steve Runyon (pictured), wore CFA face masks during their campaign for safe working conditions to show that “CFA has us covered.”  Some faculty will return to campus for in-person teaching June 15.  

First, CFA members were able to secure a written agreement which guarantees that any faculty member who does not feel safe returning to campus this summer will not be obligated to do so, and that no negative repercussions will arise from the decision not to return to campus.  CFA also negotiated an MOU that provides for fair compensation for this summer work. After a unanimous ratification vote of the affected faculty, Runyon announced that “These MOUs are a huge victory for our faculty, and an enormous protection of our academic community!” 

Due to additional preparation demands, faculty will receive an extra $500 in compensation for each of the three summer sessions they teach. The MOU for returning also incorporates the University’s Health and Safety Plan as an enforceable part of the MOU.

“These negotiations and agreements were successful because the faculty were unified in their prioritizing of student, staff, and faculty health and safety.  We got these strong agreements because we were engaged and resilient in blocking earlier plans to reopen prematurely,” Chisholm said.  

The CSU Maritime chapter still has concerns about management developing and implementing adequate safety procedures, but their good-faith efforts in negotiations gives CFA confidence they will share safety concerns they have and will negotiate any changes to faculty working conditions that will better protect the health, safety, and lives of the thousands of students, staff, faculty, and surrounding community at Maritime Academy.