CFA member meetings on bargaining wrapping up

The last of round membership meetings are happening as the academic year is coming to an end.  The remaining meeting is at Cal Poly SLO on May 25.

At these meetings, members were apprised of the bargaining survey results, added their input, and engaged in questions and conversation with member of CFA’s bargaining team.

“The feedback that we get from faculty members on the campuses is critical to the work of the bargaining team,” said Kevin Wehr, Chair of the Bargaining Team and Professor of Sociology at Sacramento State.

“At these meetings, bargaining team members not only get confirmation that we understand the will of the faculty, but we also get such creative ideas to take back to the team,” Wehr said.

These meetings also included information on how the national political scene as well as changes in state legislation will create challenges for our upcoming bargaining environment. 

“The core strength of CFA is our engaged and well-informed members; we’re very grateful to our members who took the bargaining survey, worked with their chapters this year, and showed up to membership meetings on their campuses,” said Jen Eagan, CFA President.

If you were not able to attend a membership meeting on bargaining, get in touch with your campus CFA Chapter for information.

If you have ideas or information for the CFA Bargaining Team, please email the team at bargainingideas@calfac.org

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PHOTO TOP: CFA President Jennifer Eagan spoke with CSU East Bay faculty last week about the fact that CFA will be “Back at the Table” soon. PHOTO BOTTOM: The Los Angeles CFA Chapter took a break from talk about the faculty contract to present the chapter’s ‘Lecturer of the Year’ award to Florence Emch who teaches English.