CFA members, fill out the CFA bargaining survey

Bargaining Survey 2013

During this academic year, CFA and the CSU Chancellor’s Office will begin contract negotiations for the next collective bargaining agreement for Unit 3: Faculty in the California State University system.

In preparation, the CFA Bargaining Team invites all CFA members to participate in a survey that will communicate faculty priorities to our CFA Bargaining Team.

You can access the survey via the CFA web site.
“It is our members who help establish our priorities,” says CFA President Lillian Taiz. “That is why it is so critical to complete the survey. Moreover, filling out the survey signals our support for the faculty members on the Bargaining Team, who work hard to negotiate the best possible contract.”

Andy Merrifield, chair of the CFA Bargaining Team, added, “The information we get from CFA members is an important step in the bargaining process, from making proposals all the way to ratifying a contract. We want to hear from you.”

Although printed copies of the survey will be available soon from your CFA campus chapter, remember, you also have the quick and easy option to complete the survey online.

Let your voice be heard—fill out the survey today.

By the way, if you have not yet become a CFA member, it’s simple to sign and submit a membership form. Join CFA today. And participate in the bargaining survey.