CFA members ratify contract agreement by 98%; CSU Trustees also ratify

CFA members have voted by 98 percent to ratify the tentative agreement on the faculty contract between the California Faculty Association and California State University management.

Over four days of online voting last week, CSU faculty who are members of our union, CFA, expressed one voice on our contract. That vote was followed today (November 8) by a vote of the CSU Board of Trustees, which also ratified the agreement.

Kevin Wehr, chair of CFA’s Bargaining Team, praised both votes, noting “With everything going on in the larger political context, there is a lot to be working on together, to better achieve common goals.”

In comments before the Trustees Collective Bargaining Committee on Wednesday, Wehr iterated some of what is to come:

“In a matter of a few months, DACA will be rescinded and some of our faculty, staff, and students may become vulnerable to deportation. Already we have seen a new version of the racist and xenophobic ‘travel ban’ which could keep faculty from visiting family overseas, engaging in field research, or attending conferences.

“We anticipate continued threats of hate-fueled media-hounds invading our campuses and whipping up dissent and distress under the guise of ‘free speech’ but whose real goal is to undermine free speech and inquiry by promulgating chaos.”

The Tentative Agreement extends the current Bargaining Unit 3: Faculty contract through June 2020, and includes two raises—3.5% General Salary Increase in November 2018 and 2.5% GSI in July 2019. It protects benefits at current levels, and calls for CFA and CSU management to continue negotiations over contract provisions regarding academic freedom and intellectual property. Also, a joint panel will examine the CSU’s salary structure to find ways to resolve compression and inversion in some faculty’s pay.

The faculty contract addresses a wide range of issues affecting the CSU faculty’s salary, benefits and terms of work as we teach and guide students in the CSU.  For more information about the tentative agreement, click here.

PHOTO: Campus CFA Chapter leaders popped-up with tables and pads to help CFA members all over the state. Here, CFA East President Nick Baham (left) with other activists helped faculty during the vote. They were happy then; they are very happy now!