CFA Membership Committee: ‘Let’s ask our colleagues to join CFA’

Report from D.D. Wills, chair of CFA’S M&O Working Group:

The Membership & Organizing Working Group and Chapter Membership Chairs are taking advantage of the prevailing peace with management to build power for the next challenges in bargaining or from attempts of the courts to weaken union power.

We saw the galvanizing effect of strike preparation, the Fact-Finder’s Report, achieving a Tentative Agreement, and voting on it. Many non-members became CFA members during this period.

But building and preserving faculty power always means we need to encourage more fee-payers—the faculty who are represented by CFA but who have not filled out an application to join—to become active in the union and to become members. 

The most difficult segment of our colleagues to reach with a message about membership is part-time Lecturer faculty who have less than a .4 time base in employment at the CSU. The Membership & Organizing Committee is making these Lecturer faculty a major focus in the coming academic year to find ways to help and reach out to them. 

We also are approaching organizing as an on-going, active effort to engage faculty in shaping our own workplaces and professional destinies. Joining CFA should be a natural by-product of that kind of engagement.

We hope that you as a current CFA member will help by sharing with your colleagues the importance of declaring themselves CFA members by filling out CFA membership applications.