CFA to participate in caravan for immigration reform

CFA members will join other unions and community groups in a caravan from Los Angeles to Bakersfield this Wednesday, August 14, for a rally outside the office of Bakersfield Congressman Kevin McCarthy.The rally will call on him to vote in favor of comprehensive immigration reform.

You can join in, too. See the California Labor Federation web page to learn how to participate, or contact CFA field representative Blanca Castañeda at 626-379-7380.

CFA Vice President Kim Geron says of comprehensive immigration reform: “We all know someone who seeks the path to citizenship, whether it’s someone in our family, our friends or neighbors, in our church or on our campuses where we teach.

“CFA stands with people fighting for this bill. We see this as part of fighting for our Dream Act students who are struggling to achieve their dreams”

CFA’s Executive Board adopted a resolution supporting comprehensive immigration reform earlier this year.