CFA Presents Initial Bargaining Proposals to Management

CFA President Charles Toombs and CFA Vice President and Bargaining Team Chair Kevin Wehr gave formal notice to CSU management yesterday of our intent to initiate the collective bargaining process. This happened at the CSU Board of Trustees meeting in Long Beach, where both sides submitted what are also known as “sunshine” proposals.

CFA’s proposals were developed after an extensive consultative process including discussions with all three of the union’s elected Councils and meetings with faculty at the 23 campuses; they are informed by the results from over 7,000 respondents to the member bargaining survey administered last fall. The proposals were adopted by the CFA Board of Directors and reflect the faculty’s vison for a successor contract that improves compensation and ensures fairness and equity for all.

Introducing the proposals, Toombs expressed to the Board his hope that this time, “negotiations are not only conducted in a professional and courteous manner, but will be predicated on problem-solving, openness, and a willingness on the part of management to take seriously the needs of the faculty as we work every day to serve our students.”

Wehr drew on CFA’s mission to strengthen the cause of higher education for the public good, promising the union will “continue to advocate for and promote racial and social justice and thereby challenge systems of racial oppression and social inequity.”

Specifically, our notice to the Trustees states our intent to bargain to:

  • Improve salaries and ameliorate salary equity problems.
  • Provide stability in appointments and assignments, and to define workload based on pedagogically appropriate class sizes, professionally recognized counselor-to-student ratios, and contemporary librarian responsibilities and coaching duties.
  • Increase provisions and improvements for faculty and students of color, women, people with disabilities, and LGBTQI+ individuals, in accordance with CFA’s anti-racism and social justice mission.
  • Enhance support for academic freedom to ensure faculty’s intellectual property, and to provide for campus safety, particularly for marginalized faculty, students, and staff, and for increased environmental health and safety.
  • Develop evaluation processes that are fair, appropriate, and that acknowledge and address biases and overreliance on student opinions, and revise the grievance processes to provide for more efficiency and execution of due process.
  • Improve paid and unpaid leaves, including but not limited to, sabbaticals and family leave, as well as parental and family support for all faculty.

“Sunshine” proposals exchanged at the start of the process are not formal proposals that include specific changes to contract language, but instead offer a framework that communicates our core, overarching goals.

CSU management also gave public notice of their initial proposals but did so without comment.