CFA President appointed to SEIU Racial Justice Committee

CFA President Jennifer Eagan has been appointed as a member of SEIU’s Racial Justice Committee, a group tasked with ensuring racial justice and equity is embedded throughout all parts of the union.

Last May, delegates to the SEIU Convention adopted Resolution 106A, “To Win Economic Justice for Working People, We Must Win Racial Justice.” SEIU President Mary Kay Henry appointed members to the Racial Justice Committee, which is tasked with overseeing the union’s work to enact the resolution, and SEIU’s transformation to “becoming an anti-racist organization and working to end anti-Black and structural racism.”

Eagan, a Professor at Cal State East Bay, is among 17 members of the committee, which is chaired by SEIU Secretary-Treasurer Gerry Hudson. CFA is SEIU Local 1983.

CFA is among progressive unions actively pursuing anti-racism and social justice transformation work. In October 2015, the 83rd CFA Assembly passed a resolution on CFA’s commitment to anti-racism and social justice transformation.

Click here to read “Why We Can’t Wait,” a magazine article by Dr. Cecil Canton, CFA’s Associate VP of Affirmative Action, which explains more about CFA’s social justice transformation efforts.