CFA Relaunches Radio Free CSU Podcast as Resource for COVID-19, Union

In 2017, CFA had a vision for an official podcast of the union: Radio Free CSU.

It included episodes in a series called “Stronger Together” that would take our members on a journey through CFA’s anti-racism and social justice transformation work. CFA leaders and activists joined host Audrena Redmond to discuss our unions founding anti-racism social justice principles and how those played out in their chapters, their campuses and their lives.

Fast forward to 2020. We’re in the age of COVID-19. Since the onset and utter disruption to life as usual caused by this viral pandemic, our members have been attuned to the efforts of their union. And to extend the communication, CFA is proud to relaunch Radio Free CSU in a six-part podcast and videocast: CFA and COVID-19. We will tell our story, how COVID-19 is affecting our members and the CSU, and how our anti-racism social justice principles are guiding our work now.

Audrena Redmond returns as host where she will have conversations biweekly through the summer with CFA activists to lend insight into how the coronavirus has affected them, their students, their teaching and our union.

Radio Free CSU released its first episode on Wednesday, “The Onset of COVID-19,” where Audrena interviews CFA President Charles Toombs, CFA Vice President Kevin Wehr, and CFA AVP Lecturers-North Meghan O’Donnell, via Zoom. They discuss what happened in the CSU in the first month of physical distancing because of COVID-19, the issues and concerns of faculty that arose from campuses and how CFA’s work has changed. 

You can view the first episode here and you can watch our latest series on YouTube, listen to it on SoundCloud or on our website.

In two weeks, Radio Free CSU returns with “The Great Adaptation: Changes to Teaching and Learning” to discuss lessons that emerged from this emergency virtual teaching with guests CFA AVP Racial & Social Justice-South Sharon Elise and CFA AVP North Margarita Berta-Avila.