CFA Releases New Demands for Fall 2020

The COVID-19 public health crisis exacerbates existing inequalities, such as access to Wi-Fi in many communities or employment in stable full-time jobs that include health insurance coverage.

CFA wants to ensure that it will support student enrollment, increase access to mental health counselors, and provide resources to our immigrant and housing- and food-insecure students and faculty.

On May 1, CFA rolled out a long-term plan to defend quality higher education. Now, the union is releasing more demands that faculty be provided with safe, healthy, and clean facilities, that they have the necessary technology and equipment, that their workload be reasonable and manageable, and that they be free from retribution or retaliation for exercising their rights. Here are a few of those demands:

Health, Safety, and Cleanliness

All areas of campus used for in-person instruction must be cleaned and sanitized on a regular schedule, and between each use. Offices and other multi-user spaces must include an indication when last cleaned. Multi-user spaces must be managed on a clear and transparent schedule.

Technology, Training, and Equipment

This crisis has exposed a continuing digital divide among both faculty and students, and this inequality falls disproportionately on people of color. Some of our lecturer faculty are lower paid workers and have trouble meeting their technology needs. Many students were relying on campus internet and technology in computer labs that are now shut.


Campuses must delay the start of classes by an additional week or offer other forms of compensation for faculty to do the work to prepare for Fall 2020 term. Furthermore, virtual work does not mean the lifting of course caps: Higher course caps hurts students. In the Fall, we expect that students will need more attention, not less.

Evaluation and Retaliation

No employee should be subject to retaliation or retribution for not participating in training opportunities. Student surveys of teaching effectiveness for Fall term should only be incorporated into personnel files if the faculty member chooses.

Contract Enforcement

CFA will enforce the entire contract, but we expect that Article 12 (Appointment), Article 20 (Workload), and Article 37 (Safety), will be at particular issue in the next year.

To see the letter sent out Tuesday with a fuller list, click here.

CFA will have a more detailed plan for the 2020-21 Academic Year in the coming week.  It will guide advocacy work on campuses and at the state Capitol to safeguard the health and safety of faculty, students, and staff; the CSU labor force; and equity and access to the CSU, the People’s University.