CFA Says Defund Racist and Abusive Police Departments, Invest Resources in People

Another white police officer abusing his authority, his excessive force leading to death.  Another Black man killed for merely being Black. His name is George Floyd.

View CFA’s statement on the murder of George Floyd.  The union will unveil a strategy in the coming days to make our communities safer by demilitarizing and disarming local and university police, and to hold leaders accountable.

“CFA rises up with the thousands of protestors across American and the world to demand action and justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, and too many more,” CFA President Charles Toombs said.  “The U.S. story is one where bodies of Blacks and other people of color are murdered, maimed, lynched, raped, put in chains, whipped, scarred, burnt, tortured, and otherwise destroyed, where their humanity means nothing to those holding power and authority.

“CFA honors and acknowledges every human being and their dignity – those lost to police brutality and other racist violence – though there are too many to name here. It’s time to de-fund the racist and abusive police departments, and spend those precious resources on people.”

CFA members from all backgrounds must come together for co-liberation to secure a free, just, and equitable society.  June is Pride Month, a reminder of the ongoing fight for safety and equality and to honor the contributions of LGBTQIA+ community members.  Susan Frawley, member of CFA’s Council for Racial and Social Justice and Chico State Lecturer, compares today’s protests to the LGBTQ rights movement.

“As we celebrate our 51st year of Pride, we can reflect on that night and its similarities to what is happening now. The Stonewall riots took place over three nights beginning on June 28, 1969,” Frawley said. The bar was frequented by many people of color and transgender folks. The police raid of the bar that night was different as anger over years of harassment bubbled into protest when a gender non-conforming person of color named Stormé DeLarverie was assaulted by a police officer and yelled at the crowd “Why don’t you guys do something?” Stormé twisted partially free from the police officer and punched him in the face. That punch was the spark that set off the riot. Those violent riots were the result of decades of abuse and discrimination against the LGBTQ community. The heroes that night were mainly people of color and transgender women.”

Frawley adds, “Pride, an annual celebration, is a reminder of how the LGBTQ community is still treated in this country. The death of Tony McDade, a transgender man of color killed by police in Florida on May 27, reminds us that we must connect for our co-liberation.  For the LGBTQ community, especially those that are transgender or people of color, not much has improved for them in these 51 years.”

Another population that is under attack and anticipating further injustice, this time from a conservative U.S. Supreme Court, are undocumented immigrants.  As CFA prepares for the decision this summer on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, the union is assembling resources for member advocacy in support of these communities which include some of our students and colleagues.

Finally, a reminder that one of the best ways to make the change we want to see is to make sure you complete the 2020 U.S. Census, and that your family, friends, and neighbors fill it out.  Also, it is imperative that we spread the word about the Census.  California includes many “hard-to-count” areas and populations, including college students, renters, and homeless or home-insecure.  Every decade, America’s population is counted to determine how hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funding flow into communities every year for the next 10 years.  Data from the census establishes funding for: special education programs, children’s health insurance, food pantries and emergency food assistance, college readiness, university research, college extension programs, and head start and childcare.  Join the United We Dream Facebook group to stay involved.