CFA secures Range Elevation improvements for lecturer faculty, temporary librarians

Lecturer faculty and temporary librarians who haven’t been able to move up in salary range will be able to apply to do so, thanks to an agreement CFA secured this month.

The improvements to range elevation—the increase in salary by movement from one range to the next, e.g. Range A to B, B to C, or C to D—are the culmination of months of work by members of the CFA Bargaining Team. They, along with CSU management, were part of a working group tasked with finding a solution to range elevation problems that had been hampering temporary faculty in the CSU since the recession.

The working group was formed as part of the 2016 Salary Settlement with CSU management, which included raises for all faculty.

The new amendment means lecturer faculty and temporary librarians who are eligible will be able to apply to move from one range to the next, amounting to a salary increase of at least 5%. For some lecturer faculty and temporary librarians who have remained far below the minimum of the next highest range, the salary increase could be significantly more than 5%.

“This is a big win for us,” said Kevin Wehr, Chair of CFA’s Bargaining Team and a Professor at Sacramento State University. “For years, range elevation was unavailable to thousands of lecturer faculty and temporary librarians because of the way our salary structure was set up. These improvements will make a substantial difference for many of our colleagues.”

The amendments to range elevation will be phased in over the next three years. Those with the most Full-Time Adjusted Service (FTAS) will first be able to apply.

For details about the range elevation improvements for lecturer faculty and temporary librarians, please see our Questions & Answers, which includes information on how to calculate Full-Time Adjusted Service, who is eligible to apply, rollout schedule, salary chart and more. Click here to read the Q&A document or download it as a PDF.