CFA signals plan to fight for better faculty salaries, fair workload, quality of life on the job

Bargaining over the full successor faculty contract will be underway in coming months, with salary, workload, faculty hiring and appointments and quality of life on the job among key focal points of our negotiations.

On Tuesday, CFA leaders were at the Trustees meeting to ‘sunshine’ the areas of the contract we plan to negotiate, and show that the union is unwavering in our commitment to improve and defend our contract.

During the last academic year, we consulted with members, compiled and analyzed responses from a comprehensive bargaining survey, and met with members on all 23 campuses, said Kevin Wehr, Chair of CFA’s Bargaining Team.

“CFA members across the state were clear that we need salary increases that keep faculty ahead of inflation and address low overall pay, salary inequities, and the ability to move upwards in range,” he said.

The union also will seek to clarify and improve the appointment process for lecturer and tenure-line faculty, address problems related to tenure density, racism, gender-based discrimination, and other areas of social justice, as well as articulate faculty rights to academic freedom.

Negotiations are scheduled to begin in August.

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