CFA speaks out for DACA; AB 21 goes to Senate floor, would help immigrant students

All of us in CFA are deeply troubled by Pres. Trump’s announcement that he will eliminate the DACA program protecting young people brought to the U.S. as children. Last week, a CFA statement called on Trump to preserve DACA; we stand by that declaration.

Even as this terrible decision is made at the federal level, the California State Legislature is acting on AB 21: “Access to Higher Education for Every Student” authored by Assembly member Ash Kalra (D-San José) and sponsored by CFA.

AB 21 calls on the CSU and community colleges to extend protections and resources to undocumented students and their families, and ensure that CSU students with DACA status have access to financial aid, legal representation and their constitutional right to due process. The bill would, among other things, prohibit higher education institutions, private and public, from disclosing personal information concerning students, faculty, and staff unless certain conditions are met.

It has passed the Assembly; it is expected to pass the state Senate this week and go to the governor for signature.

Learn more about AB 21 on the CFA web site.

This is an uncertain moment in U.S. history. We will continue to stand together united with members of the CSU community that are under threat and continue our efforts to secure fairness and social justice.


An immediate step each of us can take is to print out “Know Your Rights” cards, available online at the links below, and share them with our students, colleagues, co-workers and families. As educators, we know that “Knowledge is Power,” and this is a simple way to make that slogan real.

We also can seek out and join in protests to #DefendDACA. Various organizations are calling for action and have created ways to find an event; among them are Here to Stay, and Indivisible.

PHOTO: Students for Quality Education joined CFA at the 2017 Labor Day March in Downtown Oakland. SQE issued a statement in defense of DACA. Photo by Jennifer Eagan.