CFA spells out steps to make campuses safer for immigrant students, faculty, staff

NOVEMBER 2016—CFA’s Board of Directors issued a “Statement on Protections for Undocumented and Vulnerable Students, Colleagues” to affirm CFA’s stand on the meaning of access to higher education.

“Given the new challenges we face in California and the nation,” said CFA President Jennifer Eagan, “our CFA Board felt we need to make it clear that we remain committed to the same values we held before November 8. Our values will guide us through this next era and, we hope, will help us and our nation arrive at a better place.”

Among its key points, the statement affirms CFA’s commitment to oppose racism, support social justice, condemn acts of hatred and advocate for academic freedom and the right to protest. Furthermore, the Board’s statement says CFA will “defend our most vulnerable colleagues and students from all manner of attacks.”

The statement acknowledged Chancellor Timothy White’s open letter to our campus communities, and the CFA Board called on him to do more, including:

  • Take further steps in refusing to comply with deportation processes
  • Assist undocumented students to obtain legal counsel
  • Help DACA students to maintain financial aid and get other assistance.

In his open letter, Chancellor White expressed “immediate concern” for the undocumented in our campus communities. He reiterated that CSU policy “removes the CSU from the enforcement of federal immigration laws” and that the CSU “will not enter into agreements with law enforcement” on immigration, “will not honor immigration hold requests,” and “will not detain, question or arrest” anyone solely because he or she lacks documentation.”

PHOTO: Sacramento State student Rosa Barrientos is a “dreamer” whose powerful testimony to CSU Trustees on November 16 revealed the emotional drama CSU DACA students must endure as they struggle to be strong—while they keep studying—against fear for their families, for other students, and for themselves. See the video of her comments, which begin at time 43:52  A must-view for anyone who wants to understand the challenges faced by undocumented students.