CFA-sponsored AB 21 to protect all CSU students passes State Assembly

Assembly Bill 21: “Access to Higher Education for Every Student” passed the California State Assembly late last week with a vote of 55 to 23.

If passed by the State Senate and signed into law by the governor, AB 21 would ensure that CSU and California Community College students with DACA status (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program) would maintain access to financial resources, be directed to legal representatives, be protected with confidentiality of personal information, be provided staff support on campus and be ensured they know their rights under the law. DACA students are also known as “Dreamers.”

With the exception of Republican Assemblymember Tom Lackey (Palmdale) who voted yes (and Asm Steven Choi from Orange County who did not cast a vote), AB 21 passed out of the Assembly on a party line vote with Democrats in favor and Republicans opposed.

Lillian Taiz, CFA Political Action-Legislation Committee Chair, noted: “We are very pleased that AB 21 successfully passed out of the Assembly and will move into the Senate. Folks may remember that this bill is based on a resolution that CFA’s Assembly adopted in March.”

“Given the chaos that is being generated out of Washington, DC and the unconscionable attacks taking place across the nation, we need this legislation. It reflects our state’s commitment to helping all of our students complete their education uninterrupted so that they can join us in protecting the future for all of us.

Learn more about AB 21, which is a part of CFA’s 2017 Legislative Agenda.