CFA-sponsored bill to stop “supplanting” classes moves through legislative committee, 10-0

On Tuesday, CFA Political Action & Legislative Committee Chair Kevin Wehr testified before the Assembly Higher Education Committee on the CFA-sponsored bill AB 2153. The bill would slow down the rapid, privatizing trend to move required classes out of the regular university and into Extended Education programs.

The Committee voted 10-0 to advance the bill.

Wehr explained that campus administrations slashed courses from the regular, state-funded side of the university during the recession and offered them to students hungry to graduate in the much higher tuition Extended Ed.

On his campus, they even ran ads in the campus newspaper telling students to resort to Extended Ed if they could not find space in a required class.

Rebecca Asami, a geology student at Fresno, described the fear and stress of learning that to get her degree on time, she would have to pay much more than she had been advised at the start – forcing her into debt if she took the supplanted classes.

A strong contingent testified support for the bill including the CSU Employees Union, the California Teachers Association, the California Federation of Labor, parents of CSU students, and students themselves.

Opposition came from a phalanx of Continuing/Extended Ed officials and staff, from CSU and community college administrators, and from students who said they rely on the flexibility of Extended Ed programs, particularly when taught online. Some argued incorrectly that ending supplanting would eliminate Extended Education.