CFA-sponsored bills move through Legislature

Three pieces of legislation backed by CFA have moved forward in the state Legislature in the past week.

On Tuesday, AB 2019, a bill that would place an automatic step increase in statute for CSU faculty, and AB 2294, legislation involving union affiliates release time, both passed out of the Assembly Higher Education Committee late Tuesday. The next stop for both bills is the Appropriations Committee.

Last week, AB 2163, a bill pertaining to open CSU presidential searches, also passed out of the Assembly Higher Education Committee and was referred to the Appropriations Committee.

Lillian Taiz, Chair of CFA’s Political Action and Legislative Committee, told the lawmakers during the hearing regarding the SSI bill:

“While we are very pleased that we have been able to negotiate at least one step increase in our recently negotiated contract—it is the first since 2007-08, and it will be inadequate to resolving the chronic problems caused by our broken salary structure.

The absence of predictable salary steps has contributed to a breakdown of the CSU faculty’s salary structure. The result has been a plague of inverted and compressed salaries. These problems are two sides of the same coin—all traced back to a stable salary structure and the lack of salary steps…

We believe these chronic problems require a legislative remedy that provides CSU faculty with the same kind of recognition for growth and development in their work as others in the state receive.”