CFA-sponsored legislation: AB 2294 moves through state house

Legislation backed by CFA is continuing to move through the legislative process.

Assembly Bill 2294, which would grant release time to an employee who is a union member and has been elected to serve as an officer in an affiliated union, was passed 7-2 by the Senate Education Committee on June 8. The bill was sent to the Appropriations Committee.

Susan Green, CFA Treasurer and an Associate Professor of Chicano Studies and History at CSU Chico, said the bill is a necessary solution to a problem that did not exist until June 2015, in light of CFA’s impasse with CSU management over faculty salaries.

 “It was only CSU administration’s desire to change past practice that made us aware the CSU did not enjoy in statute what K-12 and Community College educators did,” she told senators. “The right solution is to create statutory parity and equity for CSU faculty with our educator sisters and brothers…”