CFA supports Aramark workers attempting to unionize at East Bay

Aramark workers and supporters

Faculty members at CSU East Bay are joining staff, students and members of the local community to support campus food service workers employed by Aramark who are organizing to form a union.

The workers—with the aid of Unite HERE Local 2850—have been organizing themselves, collecting union cards and building internal support. Last week, two-thirds of the workers signed pledge cards and are petitioning for unionization so they can improve their quality of life and win a voice on the job. 

They are seeking certification via card check – a simple, fair process for workers to decide about unionization. 

According to Unite HERE, East Bay is the only CSU campus that does not have organized food service workers.

The CFA East Bay chapter executive board passed a resolution last week supporting the Aramark workers and the campus academic senate will vote today on a similar resolution. 

“As unionized faculty members it is important that we stand behind these courageous workers at Aramark and support their right to form a union,” said Luz Calvo, a professor of ethnic studies at East Bay and vice president of campus CFA chapter.

She continued, “I stand with my fellow CFA members at East Bay to encourage President Morishita not only to support the efforts to unionize but also to ensure that it is a fair process to organize, free from retaliation and intimidation.”

Add your name to this letter to President Morishita, asking him to ensure that the workers’ rights are respected.