CFA supports Oakland teachers on strike

CFA activists are on the picket lines at Oakland schools, supporting teachers who are striking for educational justice for their students.

Oakland Education Association members have been on strike since Thursday, the latest in a wave of teacher strikes sweeping through California. Oakland teachers are calling for smaller class sizes, more support for students — including nurses, counselors, psychologists, and speech pathologists — living wages, and an end to school closures.

CFA officers, Cal State East Bay faculty, and CFA members from the Bay Area and beyond have been showing up on picket lines to march, lend help and support, and stand firm with our union colleagues, who were there with us during the months leading up to our potential CSU strike in 2016.

“These are our not just our K-12 colleagues. These are our colleagues who educate the Oakland students who grow up to sit in our own classrooms at East Bay and throughout the CSU. Their fight is our fight,” said CFA President Jennifer Eagan, a professor at Cal State East Bay.

Faculty in the Bay Area: Let’s keep supporting our Oakland colleagues by joining them on the picket line and volunteering to help. Click here to volunteer, and click here to see a daily list of actions.

Click here to view a photo gallery by photojournalist David Bacon of the Oakland strike actions.