CFA thanks principled Trustees who rejected the tuition increase

CFA officers invited CSU Trustees who voted against the student tuition increase to work alongside faculty and students as we urge state lawmakers to increase funding for the CSU, and to support legislation that would cancel the recently imposed fee hike. 

Last month, the CSU Board of Trustees chose to raise tuition by 5% beginning in the 2017-18 academic year. While 11 members of the board voted for the increase, eight Trustees rejected it. Many cited concerns about the impact on students and the future of the CSU. 

The letter, posted online here, reads in part:

“All of us appreciate that you voted against the increase and urged that body to chart a new course for the CSU…

We invite you to come with us this week and continue to work with us over coming months as we work to prevent more financial burdens from hitting our current and future students. We must restore our state’s commitment to the CSU, and we will fight alongside you to make this goal a reality.

The CSU is the great equalizer in our state and the means for future generations to realize their dreams. Our students will teach, design, and lead California. It is not hyperbole to say that they are our future. We must continue to fight for them to have access to quality, affordable, public higher education.”

Click here to read the letter in its entirety. 

Students for Quality Education (SQE) also has issued an open letter to supporters, thanking them for their solidarity in the fight against the student tuition increase.

“Increasing tuition, as student Trustee Maggie White so eloquently noted, will close the door to higher education for even more prospective students in the State of California.

“Over the past decades, the CSU has been the victim of explicit financial neglect and disinvestment by the State of California… While we may have lost this battle, we accomplished a number of victories that demonstrate the powerful potential of this movement, including the fact that up until this vote, tuition increase votes have largely been unanimous. Our voices are starting to be heard, our organizing is working, and the fight continues.”