CFA to Trustees: ‘Get-a-move-on’ to implement Campus Equity Pay

FEB 4, 2015—In 2013 and in 2014, campus presidents have had the opportunity to address faculty salary problems through Campus Equity Pay Programs.

The salary problems vary by campus, depending on the particulars of hiring and other pay policies.

The issues fall into a few broad categories, including “inversion” — when new hires earn more than those of us who have been teaching for some time — and “compression” — when long-time faculty get stuck at a certain spot on the salary schedule and can’t get a raise.

Doug Domingo-Forasté, the CFA Chapter President at Long Beach where he teaches classics, spoke for all CFA members at the CSU Trustees meeting last week to address the need get Campus-Based Equity Pay programs underway. He said…

“After all the sacrifice of the past seven years, when faculty and students bore the brunt of saving the university’s finances because of poor management, now that finances are better, the university chooses to delay the creation of campus-based equity programs.”

This spring is the second attempt under a faculty contract to resolve long-standing salary inequities at the campus level. As Domingo-Forasté pointed out, not one CSU campus president acted on the previous attempt last year.

“Faculty are disgusted with the university’s Walmart-like business model that elevates immorality to a managerial principle,” he told the Trustees as well as the campus presidents who routinely attend Trustees meeting.

 “’We’re working on it,’ is no longer good enough,” he said.

CFA leaders and activists are working now to demand that the campus presidents correct the problems that they created after years of neglect regarding fairness in faculty salaries.