CFA at Women’s March in Sacramento: Refuse to be a bystander!

CFA Chapter Presidents from all 23 campuses marched, rallied, and supported one of their colleagues on Saturday as they joined thousands at the third annual Women’s March in Sacramento.

Margarita Berta-Ávila, President of the CFA Capitol Chapter and a Professor at Sacramento State, addressed the crowd as chapter presidents and CFA President Jennifer Eagan stood with her on stage in a show of solidarity. The presidents were in Sacramento over the weekend to attend their annual planning retreat.

Berta-Ávila told the crowd that CFA is committed to be “part of a labor movement, a people’s movement that has to be at the forefront of justice, equity, and access. Thus, the realities of the families of our students cannot be ignored, be it fighting for a living wage, heaIthcare, affordable housing, food security, safety because of immigration status or because you are a person of color.”

She spoke broadly of this moment in history:

“Movements, historically, in the U.S. or across the world, are successful when people like all of you around me, who really have nothing to lose, stand up, speak, mobilize and refuse to take on the role of bystander.

“This, right now—this time and era in our lives—is one of those moments to not be that bystander.”