CFA/CFHE testify at U.S. Dept of Ed hearing on future of higher ed

CFA’s Dominguez Hills chapter leader Vivian Price testified at a Dept. of Education hearing last week saying, “We urge the President to provide leadership in facing the social cost we are paying for accepting decreased funding for higher education as the ‘new normal’ in America.”

She spoke on behalf of the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education, which is made up of 65 higher ed faculty and staff organizations in the U.S., including CFA.

The hearing at CSUDH was the first of four to be held in various parts of the nation by the U.S. Dept. of Education on President Obama’s Plan for Higher Education.

Price referred to papers produced by faculty with the support of CFHE that suggested creative ways to ensure adequate funding of public higher ed.

“The bottom line in our reports is this: it would take only a relatively small commitment of resources to restore higher education funding to previous norms. But we need the President and the Department of Education’s leadership to get these alternatives on the table for consideration.”

Price summarized the findings of CFHE papers about “The ‘Promises’ of Online Education,” which argue that use of technology needs to be critiqued and shaped with the same seriousness and commitment to quality higher education that is done with any other teaching methodology.

Price concluded saying higher ed faculty and staff “hunger for change that will expand opportunities for a rich college experience and that will enable us to better prepare students for full participation in our democratic society. We look forward to working toward that goal as we also work to preserve the diversity and freedom that have made the American higher education system the envy of the world.”

More U.S. Dept of Education hearings were set for Nov. 13 at George Mason University in Virginia, Nov. 15 at the University of Northern Iowa and November 21 at Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge.