CFHE gains publicity coinciding with NYC meeting

More than 75 union leaders, educators and activists met in New York City Jan. 17 to 19 for the sixth national gathering of the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education.

Many CFA officers, including President Lillian Taiz, were on hand to share skills for grassroots campaigns, learn about each others’ work and plan ways to involve more people in CFHE’s May gathering in Albany, New York.

“We must amplify our message by connecting with community groups. We have to hear what they think. We can figure out ways that we can build this movement and make it even larger,” Taiz told the group.

A few hours before the conference began Friday, The Huffington Post’s HuffPost Live broadcast featured a 20-minute panel discussion regarding online education, posing the question— is the U.S. creating “Walmarts of Education.”

Fred Kowal, president of United University Professions in the State University of New York, and Mike Fabricant, treasurer of the Professional Staff Congress in the City University of New York, which hosted the gathering, explained CFHE’s concerns.

Among those are severe cuts in funding to public colleges and universities by states throughout the country, how quality education is and should be delivered, and that students deserve well-rounded educations, ultimately benefitting the country through a well-educated citizenry.

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Also in time for the conference, The Huffington Post published a column highlighting the profit potential driving the push toward online higher ed. The blog post by Susan Meisenhelder, professor emeritus at CSU San Bernardino, springboards from CFHE’s working paper on “The ‘Promises’ of Online Higher Education” and details the way corporations and investors have followed the money in this latest trend.

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