CFHE gets new look online

The Campaign for the Future of Higher Education (CFHE) unveiled a new look this week thanks to a redesigned and updated website.

CFHE, a collaborative group of faculty unions and organizations from around the country, was founded in 2011 as an effort to ensure that the faculty voice is heard and as we work to increase broad access to public higher education and college affordability.

CFA was among the founding organizations of the campaign.

Since then, CFHE has held several national meetings, issued papers on a myriad of issues impacting higher education, and most recently, reaffirmed its commitment to defending and advancing quality public higher education for all who pursue it.

This week, CFHE unveiled its new website, which builds upon the foundation of research, writings, and information since its inception, while also offering faculty, students, and allies a user-friendly platform. The new connectivity options also include
e-newsletters, event listings, topical writings, and more.

Take a minute to visit futureofhighered.org and join the campaign today.