Chancellor delays vote on tuition hike

Just a week after protest led the UC Regents to postpone a vote on student tuition hikes, CSU Chancellor Timothy White announced on Monday a decision to delay a similar vote of the CSU Trustees.

In a statement posted to the CSU web site, he wrote: “Trustees will not be asked to raise tuition, if it becomes necessary, until at least May. This will allow all to gain a deeper understanding of the state’s financial outlook, make our case to policymakers, and recognize the efforts undertaken to streamline operations across the university.”

A proposal to raise in-state undergraduate tuition to $5,970 a year was scheduled for discussion at the Trustees Finance Committee meeting on Tuesday, and previous announcements suggested a vote would come at the Board’s meeting in March.

“While this postponement is well advised,” said CFA President Jennifer Eagan, “let’s be clear that raising tuition on CSU students is never good policy in a public university, no matter when it’s done.”

The threat of a tuition hike comes in context of Governor Brown’s 2018-19 State Budget Plan released January 10. He proposes to increase state funding for the CSU by $92 million, which White pointed out in his 2018 State of the CSU speech to CSU Trustees on Tuesday morning, does not even keep up with inflation.

White said funding increases over the past 10 years have only gotten CSU funding back to the dollar level before the recession without considering inflation or growing enrollment.

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PHOTO: CSU students protested last year against using tuition increases to solve the CSU’s funding needs.