Chancellor White delivers “State of the University” address
Calls for more tenure-track hiring

CSU Chancellor White

CSU Chancellor Timothy White gave a “State of the University” address to Trustees and observers in which he outlined the importance of the CSU to California and the urgent need to provide adequate support for public higher education.

He reiterated the point identified by the Public Policy Institute of California that, “Our state needs one million more graduates by 2025 to enable the health of our economy” and he said, “Achieving our ambitious goals will require a solid and sustained commitment from the people of the CSU—and it will also require investment by our public and private partners across California.”

He described seven key steps he supports, the first of which is “tenure-track hiring: We are committing to appoint more tenure-track faculty in areas that matter most to California’s future, and begin to reverse the long-declining ratio of tenured and tenure-track faculty to lecturers.”

CFA president Lillian Taiz said of the State of the University, “All of us in the CSU can be pleased that Chancellor White addressed so many of the issues at the center of years of protest around the CSU. That is important, even while there is no doubt that we will have a very healthy debate about the best ways to restore our public university and to serve our students.

“In particular, it’s a notable change that the Chancellor cited the need to do more tenure-track hiring. We do need more permanent jobs so that we can support our families while we do the best possible for our students.

“We are in this together and we look forward to finding ways to make the CSU a more stable place in which to teach and to study,” Taiz concluded.

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