Coming to Your Campus Soon: Faculty meetings on bargaining the next contract & more

CFA Officers and Bargaining Team members are heading to all CSU Campuses for Faculty meetings sponsored by your campus CFA Chapter.

CFA urges members to attend, bring your questions, get up to date on developments over the summer, and learn what is coming next that can have an impact on our professions, our livelihoods, and our students.

The following are the meetings scheduled as of October 5.

Choice of two times:
Wednesday, Oct. 12, 9-10:30 am, UWU 305
Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2-3:30 pm, 49er Bookstore Conference room

Thursday, Oct. 20, 11:30 am-1 pm, CFA Meeting, Kellogg West

Thursday, Oct 6, 12:30-1:30 pm, Scripps Cottage

Thursday, Oct 13, 10 am-1 pm, 2nd floor Kennedy Library

10 am – 11 am   216 R (“Fishbowl” room closest to Julian’s Café)  
Answer Questions/Get Feedback 

11 am – 12 pm   216 R (“Fishbowl” room closest to Julian’s Café)   Presentation

12 pm – 1 pm     216 P (“Fishbowl” room next door)              
Questions/Get Feedback 

Wednesday, Oct. 12, 3-4 pm, Location TBD

**Meetings have already taken place at Bakersfield, Channel Islands, Chico, Dominguez Hills, East Bay, Fresno, Fullerton, Humboldt, Los Angeles, Maritime, Monterey Bay, Northridge, Sacramento, San Bernardino, San Francisco, San Jose, Sonoma, and Stanislaus. Contact your CFA campus chapter for more information.

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